Guy Copland aka Guy Austin


A Detroit native, Guy Copland transplanted to central Mississippi in the mid 1980’s landing on the top rated 94TYX Late Night with Johnny O Show providing character voices. Shortly after, Guy was offered his own Morning Drive show on the all new stereo-AM AOR formatted WZRX-1590 as Flyin' Guy Austin in the Morning. In less than a year, Guy was bumped up to the sister FM which was about to switch from CHR to ROCK and, at the managements demand, became known to listeners as the Gladiator of the Airwaves on the new Z-106, the first FM rock station in the market in more than a decade. As the Music Director, Guy was administrative in the music and programing on WSTZ. An instant success that still dominates to this day. By the late 1980’s Guy was serving as News Director and broadcasting live from the top of the world on the Rocky & Guy Show for Anchorage Alaska staple KWHL the FM K-WHALE. While there, Guy became one of the first to report the Exxon Valdez oil spill to The Last Frontier and to the lower 48. In 1990, Guy Austin moved back to Mississippi and warmed up on the number one AC station romancing listeners hosting the legendary night show Pillow Talk featuring love songs, requests and dedications. Achieving the highest on-air ratings ever for Mix-96 WJDX on Pillow Talk, as mid-day host of Lunchtime at the Oldies, and  later afternoon-drive, It's no surprise Guy was named Assistant Program Director and mornings eventually became known as Jan & Guy in the Morning until the stations demise in early 1998. Simultaniously, Guy helped launch the second station in the country to broadcast Clear Channel's new Jammin' Oldies format on Q105.1 WQJQ, an instant 60's-70's Motown sound sensation. From November of 1998 though February of 2005, Guy Austin  anchored the news for the Mississippi News Network serving over a hundred affiliates statewide. In February 2005, Guy resigned from the network and returned to the Detroit area to marry his high school girlfriend Diana. Since then he has been an On-Air personality at CBS-WOMC Detroit's Oldies 104.3  and at Magic 105.1 WMGC Detroit using his real name, Guy Copland. He is also an accredited actor & magician, and operates his own voice over & recording studio Motor City Voice Over nestled underground in the heart of Berkley, where he is available to you in person and via the internet for your copy writing, comedy, voice over, audio production, and voice tracking needs. Current clients include, Animation Adventures, YMCA, and the Animal Radio Network.


During his broadcast journey, in addition to serving as an Asst. Program Director, Music Director, News Director and Production Director, Guy also served up plenty of laughs performing his blend of comedy, magic and impressions opening for headliners Martin Lawrence, Thea Vidal, Mark Shepp, John Kay & Steppenwolf and Omar & the Howlers.

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